A classic house in Madrid

A classic house in Madrid

The location of this house, in a quiet urbanization on the outskirts of MadridIt was what prompted its current owners, a young couple with a child, to acquire it: it was an excellent opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Therefore, when decorating it, they sought to convey that peace and serenity. The owner was clear that it would be based on the Raw, beige and roasted palette to create fresh, natural and very quiet environments. In addition, this color range perfectly matched the color of the walls, a very soft vanilla. He had the advice of team of interior designers from the well-known decoration shop Icíar de la Concha, who dressed the house with fabrics from their collections. After studying different samples, they chose to combine different prints, all discreet and with a renewed classic style. For example, in the living room they first selected the upholstery of the sofas - a striped design in raw and white tones - and from there, they chose the rest of the coordinates: a floral print with which they upholstered the armchair and made the curtains, and a plaid fabric to upholster the dining room chairs. In the master bedroom, they opted for a combination of white and toasted.

In the child's roomThey wanted a decoration that would not be very childish, so it will not be necessary to change it as it grows. That's why they chose green and white vichy checkered fabrics, and covered the wall with a checkered paper in light tones. As for the furniture, the owners chose lacquered or stripped wood pieces in light finishes, alternating current designs with more classic ones. In the kitchen and bathrooms, the style of the coverings marked the rest of the decoration. In the first, the white tiles and the traditional style valance were combined with white cabinets and a wood-laminated countertop. The bar-shaped handles and stainless steel appliances set the note of modernity. The main bathroom, tiled in cream color and with a cream marble ruffled countertopIt was completed with a couple of baskets of vegetable fiber to store the towels and a mirror with a wooden frame that enhances the predominant style in the decoration.

Advertising - Continue reading below The living room was decorated with lacquered wood furniture in light tones.

It is made up of two sofas, arranged at an angle around a coffee table, and an armchair upholstered with the same fabric that was used to make the curtains. Striped upholstery (€ 31.59 / m); armchair (€ 537.67 without fabric) and curtains (€ 36.53 / m). Everything, for sale in Icíar de la Concha. The table is from My Dear Furniture.

To dress the room, fabrics of different prints in raw tones were combined.

It is a very serene option, perfect for classic style furniture, painted or stripped in white and grayish blue. The carpet is from Habitat.

The brightest corner of the room, in front of the window, was reserved to locate a reading area.

Next to the armchair was a low white pickled bookcase, from Calamobel (€ 283 in El Globo Muebles).

The dinner room.

It was furnished with a round table and four chairs. This solution, in addition to facilitating the passage, remains very little space.

In the kitchen, a linear distribution of furniture was chosen.

The white laminated cabinets were combined with a wooden countertop that, together with the coverings, mark the classic air of the room. Steel handles and appliances set the note of modernity.

One of the rooms was enabled as a guest room,

with a trundle bed attached to the wall and a cozy study corner.

In the children's bedroom,

a plinth was made in a vanilla tone, very soft, and finished off with an original wooden molding. The rest of the wall was covered with a checkered wallpaper; a design that, not being very childish, will adapt to the ages of the child. Chest of drawers, from Casa y Campo. Cradle, by El Guiñol. Teddy and basket, from VTV.

The master bedroom was decorated in tan tones.

For this, white stripped furniture was chosen, and they were contrasted with curtains and bedding that combine different patterns but always in this range of colors. Curtains, bedspread and cushions, from Icíar de la Concha.

View of the bathroom from the master bedroom.

The sinks are embedded in a marble topped countertop. The space that remains free under it was used with a couple of fiber baskets to store towels and other toiletries.


It animates the white color range with details in intense tones that give vividness to the environment. These are from Valentine: PL-044 Silver, F 033 Volcanic Sand and A 057 Acid Strawberry.