A 50 m² house with stunning views

A 50 m² house with stunning views

Sometimes, a change in lifestyle requires a different decoration that breaks with the past and adapts to new circumstances. That, exactly, is what happened with the owner of this house. Just separated, I was looking for a home that looked nothing like the family. The floor of 50 m2 plus about 25 m2 of terraceIt was enough for a single. The ubication, at the foot of Tibidabo, with spectacular views of Barcelona And with the Mediterranean Sea in the background, it was excellent. As for the decoration, I was looking for a house practice, comfortable, with the necessary elements to live comfortably, but without luxuries, to remind you of the lifestyle of times gone by.

The interior designer Mónica Pla took care of the reform and decoration. The distribution was maintained, with a large living room-communicated with the kitchen through a passport-, a bedroom and a bathroom. However, the original floor was changed to parquet, a material that invites you to walk barefoot. The walls were painted white, but the interior designer winked at the sea, the owner's great passion, and coated the exterior walls of the kitchen in a blue that evokes the Mediterranean. As for furniture, wood became the star material of the pieces, most of them designed by Monica.

The terrace, located on the floor, is one of the greatest charms of the house. Spacious, allowed to create different environments to enjoy it at any time of the day. A bar in the shade - ideal for preparing barbecues - a living area worthy of a lounge, the dining room for six people and a coffee corner follow each other along its surface. The original sofa that Monica Pla designed with a large seat is striking; a cushion in the form of a roller located in the center, and used as a backrest, defines its double use: as a sofa in the living area and as a bench in the outdoor dining room. One more sample of the ingenuity and functionality that characterize the decoration of this original home

Advertising - Keep reading under Sofa and dining tables made with logs

Its breadth allows to distribute the surface in a living area and a dining room. In the background, and at a slightly higher level to enjoy the views, a coffee table was placed. The sofas and the dining and center tables, the latter made with logs, are designed by the interior designer Mónica Pla. Cushions, from La Maison. Carpet, Nordic Style. The chair painted in red is by Jaime Beriestain.

Dining room without walls

By including the dining area, without walls that delimit the environments, the feeling is of spaciousness, a key factor in a floor of only 50 m2. Sofa and carpet, designed by the interior designer. Cushions: with geometric print, by Jaime Beriestain; and beige, from La Maison, where the coffee table and the pouf are also. Wooden chairs, by Jaime Beriestain.

Wooden stool as side table

Under a sculpture designed by the interior designer, the white and gray modules alternate on the sofa and add dynamism to the living room. An original detail? The wooden stool that, in this case is used as an auxiliary table.Taburete, by La Maison. Lamp and white plaid, from Materia. On the wall highlights a composition of framed mirrors, by Jaime Beriestain.

Table with metal structure

The set of metal structure and natural materials is repeated on the dining table - whose envelope was made with scaffolding planks - and on the chairs, with fiber seat. The lamps, made of wood, harmonize with the set. Table designed by Mónica Pla. Chairs, from Sacum. Lamps, by Secto Design, in Smon Barcelona. Tablecloth, from La Maison. Individual rattan and cups, from Cado

Kitchen with walls that do not reach the ceiling

The kitchen walls did not extend to the ceiling; they were left at a distance so that the interior had an extra entrance of natural light. In this way, the kitchen is located inside a cube whose volume becomes a striking architectural element that breaks the uniformity of the house.The wooden stools are from Little House

Small breakfast bar

The countertop is extended through the passport in
a small white breakfast bar, matching the skirting board.

Wood finished kitchen

The wooden cabinets inside and the blue paint on the external walls offer an original combination of finishes in the kitchen. Trays and carpet, Nordic Style. The stool painted in
Blue color is by Jaime Beriestain.

Floor plan

Floor plan corresponding to the ground floor

Terrace Plan

Plane corresponding to the terrace located in the upper part.

Hallway with wooden shelves

Books, records and CDs occupy an unusual place: the hall. The interior designer Mónica Pla designed two shelves with shelves made of wood from scaffolding. The collections at the entrance anticipate the originality of the decoration that characterizes the rest of the house and divert to the hall a warehouse space that is usually allocated to the living area.

Bedside table and lamp

The staircase to one side and the original combination of bedside table and floor lamp to another is a good example of the trend proposed to decorate the bedroom with different pieces on both sides of the bed.
Bedside table and lamp designed by the interior designer. De La Maison: stairs, blanket, plaid and cushions. The duvet cover and curtains are from Filocolore. Mat rug.

White bathroom

Tiles, countertop and washbasin cabinet were chosen in this color. The finish reflects the natural light that enters through the window and multiplies it; an optical effect that also makes the bathroom look bigger. Basket made of fibers, from La Maison. Towels, Nordic Style. Washbasins, by Roc