Enjoy the beauty of thoughts: Care and cultivation

Enjoy the beauty of thoughts: Care and cultivation

The scientific name of thoughts is Viola x wittrockiana, belonging to the violet family.

Since the 19th century, florists from northern Europe crossed their flowers, obtaining more than 400 varieties of thoughts. They are semi-perennial plants and cold climates are their favorite.

Its flowering It extends from the first days of autumn until well into spring. Small in size, they do not exceed 25 cm, with bright green leaves, oval and flat, and flowers with 5 velvety petals and multiple colors, soft and intense.

To extend the flowering season, it is advisable to remove the flowers that are withered and cut the tips of the stems. You will make new buds sprout.

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If you combine thoughts with petunias and begonias, your windows will fill with color.

How to cultivate thoughts

It is best to do it by seed. The sowing season is at the end of August. Put the seedbed in a sheltered place, with a wet substrate and at a temperature between 15º and 18º C. When they germinate, it passes into pots of 10 cm in diameter. Once adults, you can now transplant to the garden or planters.

Ctaken care of thoughts

Although they resist cold well, plant in semi-shade or in full sun, in a nutrient-rich soil and at a distance, between them, from 25 to 30 cm. Make sure that the soil is always wet, without flooding and without wetting the petals. Be careful with pests: like the red spider and the aphid.

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