A chic lounge with work area

A chic lounge with work area

This bright living room required a change in decoration to suit the needs of a young couple. In addition to a renewed image, it was essential to gain storage space and a work area.

The challenge was to get a practical and chic decoration. The study in charge of the mesión, Dröm Living, was clear that these premises went through to create storage space designed to create a great variety of different elements. In a few square meters I had to reconcile design, order and functionality and maintain the feeling of spaciousness.

A colorful space was designed with these premises, with custom furniture. On a white base, which enhances the luminosity and enhances the feeling of spaciousness, cheerful tones in textiles and accessories.

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Photos, by Néstor Marchador

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A small room that needed to update its image to suit the tastes of its owners, a young couple with a lot to save. Hence, it was essential to multiply the storage capacity.


Dröm Living has designed a colorful and chic lounge. On a white basis, cheerful tones have been combined in textiles, ceiling lamps and the open color module in the front of cabinets.

From the entrance

View from the hall entrance.

Ethnic inspiration

Black is also present in details and prints of ethnic evocation (although modernized).

Custom designed cabinets front

The wall that connects the living room and dining room is now a closet front, with white doors and an open and colored vertical bookcase. Next, a work corner has been created that links to a floor-to-ceiling library for audiovisuals and books.

Shelving Detail

Detail of the open shelving module in the front of cabinets.

Thought to the millimeter

The key to the project was the meticulously tailored design of almost all of the furniture. The window light floods everything.

Lamps and more

Detail of the lamps: in the corner three identical models with colored cords. On the sofa, a wall-type lamp. As a coffee table a narrow design that does not obstruct the passage.

A custom designed bookcase

The main furniture in the living room is a large white shelving with a fire-lacquered iron profile. Each shelf and each division were designed according to the needs of the owner couple, thinking almost every object that would be placed on it.

Books of various formats, record players, a large television ... Everything looks in order.

Dröm Living signs the design of this piece.

Original parts

To complete the set, striking pieces such as lamps or chair replica were incorporated Acapulco Blank in the corner.

The cushions

On the white sofa, colored cushions.

Lamps in detail

Fashion bulb! Glass bulbs and rounded shape that show the filaments on. Each one is held by a cord of different colors. Your perfect place, in a corner.

Reading corner

Small reading corner. Next to the radiator, a replica of the Acapulco chair in white. On it, from the ceiling, several hanging luminaries with colored cords. On the radiator, a shelf.

Mini work corner

Next to the lounge column, a mini working corner. Due to its lightweight design, it integrates perfectly into the set.

Lounge view

The shelves of the main bookstore in the living room, lacquered in white, were cut in English for a visual effect of less thickness.

Blinds in the window

In the window, blinds for when some privacy is required.

A minimal coffee table

To solve the storage problem, a large wooden cabinet with white lacquered doors was designed. Here you can see the rectangular design of the coffee table, of small dimensions so as not to hinder the passage.

Head on

Detail of the bookstore of the lounge. Each hole has been tailored to what was going to be placed. As an example, the speaker space, rectangular and vertical.

The decoration

Detail of the decoration of the bookstore.


Bookends in the bookstore.

On the deskā€¦

The air conditioner is located, so that its presence is hidden.

The study corner

It is located between the front of closets and the pillar of the living room. The table hides the radiator.

The work corner in detail

Detail of the work corner, well lit and with shelves on the wall.

General view

General view of the room.

Black metallic stool

Stool Detail Tolix In aged black.

Screen detail

On the Tólix stool, located at the entrance to the living room, a ceiling lamp that has a glass shade.