An attic with country chic soul

An attic with country chic soul

Low ceilings, dark and unfriendly environments, the 50 m² of this attic seemed much less ... An area was attic, had few windows, some skylight and the ceramic coating had become dated. In your favor, your location, in the central district of Argüelles, in Madrid, and that the owner commissioned the reform project to the interior architect Susana Sendín. Discovering that a large part of the roof was actually taller and gabled, supported by a network of beams, was an unexpected gift.

The pitting of the plaster also made visible the brick walls, with pillars and wooden beams. All these original elements of the attic were sanitized and reinforced and now, painted - almost all - in white, they are key in interior design, which merge the industrial, loft and shabby chic styles. On the other hand, the new distribution of the floor, basic, functional and optimal, defines two areas: day and night. The common areas next to the entrance and the two bedrooms, with sloping ceilings, towards the interior.

To communicate and separate the environments, the architect designed ad hoc maxi sliding doors, They recreate the style of the gate of a cabin. The aesthetic lodge they print is reinforced with the streaks and knots that the pavement draws, a bleached oak laminate, which gives visual continuity to the spaces. The dominant color is white, because of the luminosity it projects, but the interior designer resorted to brushstrokes of color to create more cheerful and dynamic corners, and also contrasted it with black. The kitchen acquires with this and the brick seen a genuine industrial air.

Advertising - Read on below A low cost decoration with character

The plum brush strokes, red and pink, and the fusion of materials are the keys to create a lively and dynamic atmosphere in the room. A success: the red table, recovered, and its contrast with the center model and the carpet.
Cushions, floral screen and vase with butterflies, from Zara Home. White table, red vases, rocking chair and pouf, from Ikea. Sultan side table, from Ibride. Door, designed by Susana Sendín.

New lamp in record time

A flexo that was in the house was used. With an eco-mentality, the foot was preserved, but now it looks like a screen with bright colors, which harmonizes with other details.
Screen and cushions, Zara Home.

Design wink

The side table shaped like a dog, the Sultan model, from the French firm Ibride, is almost sculptural, but it is also practical as a support for the sofa. Discover other creations on its website

Functional distribution

The circulation between the living room and the kitchen with dining room is very fluid; both communicate by means of a large vain, framed by the original wooden pillars and beams of the attic. With these and the brick wall, also recovered and painted in white, the floor acquires an aesthetic loft.
Kitchen and stools, from Ikea. In the lounge, Daikin's split.
Industrial aesthetics »

Industrial aesthetics

The brick wall appeared when chopping the old plaster. After cleaning and painting it in white, it is key in the decoration. The retro blackboard? It was from the previous owners ... Long live recycling!

Multipurpose furniture in the kitchen

In the kitchen, the peninsula separates the work area from the dining room and also expands the storage capacity. It also offers an extra countertop surface, very useful for culinary tasks and as a breakfast bar.
Hood and countertop, from Ikea.
Color kitchenware »

The black, fully up to date

It was used in the porcelain of the walls, countertop and stools, without saturating the space; reinforces the factory and loft style of the attic.
Dalfred model, from Ikea, with adjustable height.

Practical solutions

A narrow peninsula with cantilever countertop and a loft converted into a relaxation area make the most of the space. Under the loft, behind the wall enlisted in pickled oak, the bathroom is located, and then several closets.
Full kitchen, from Ikea. Porcelain, by Tau Cerámica, in Alcer. Roof window, Velux.
The black "

Color in the dining room

The dining room stands out for the visual impact caused by two block colors, very marked: fuchsia and green, in a color palette dominated by black and white. To the right of the image, the passage to the master bedroom and next to the stairs, the door that leads to the other.
The chairs come from the window of a fashion store. Carpet by Ikea.

Pink chair

We have found out that it comes from the showcase of a clothing store ... We have been fascinated that this classic design premieres such an actual outfit in pink, probably of faux leather.
+ classic chairs »

Up and down

With the loft, the attic earns meters with multiple use options; In this case, it is a relaxation area, but it is also perfect for storing clothes from another season.
Underneath, Ikea's closet and refrigerator, treated with slate paint.

Very feminine bedroom

The steep inclination of the ceiling conditioned the distribution of the bedroom, but did not detract from the charm of the room. The total white interior design turns the beams into elements with great decorative value. Only the bedding and some details break the color unit.
Quilt, from Zara Home.

The details in the bedroom

In a total white decoration, any color complement arouses maximum interest. Here, with its chromatic intensity and brightness, it is a pair of vases, from A Loja do Gato Preto.
Velux window.

Plan and ideas of the reform

- Keep the original elements that were hidden and appeared during the works: the high gable roof in the living room and kitchen area, which reaches 3.82 m, and the brick wall, with pillars and wooden beams . Sanitized and recovered, they are exposed, and now they are the hallmarks of the attic.