These are the foods that take care of your teeth and gums

These are the foods that take care of your teeth and gums

To have a healthy denture, not only a good tooth brushing is enough, it is also necessary to take great care of the diet.

Include in your diet. Dairy products, which have a high calcium content, mineral that forms the teeth. Fresh vegetables and fruits such as apples or carrots that provide vitamins and minerals. It is recommended to take foods without color, such as rice and white fish, which do not have pigments in order to avoid staining teeth. It also incorporates fiber-rich products that demand greater effort in chewing and promote the production of saliva by counteracting the risk of tooth decay.

Avoid Sweets and sugary drinks that accelerate the risk of tooth decay. Also refined carbohydrates, such as bread, cookies or pasta, since they contain sugar being as harmful as a candy if a good cleaning is not carried out.

After taking acidic fruits or juices, wait 30 min to brush your teeth so as not to erode the enamel.

Calcium booster with dairy

Milk and its derivatives are rich in calcium, helping to strengthen tooth enamel and protecting teeth from everyday wear.

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Cheese. Cheese has the ability to reinforce the surface of the tooth. While eating, it increases salivation and causes the pH to rise. This causes calcium to adhere to the enamel, protecting it from the destructive action of the acid and creating a barrier against decay.

Yogurt. In addition to being rich in calcium and phosphorus, it is also rich in casein, a protein that prevents the demineralization of enamel and its fragility. Of course, you always have to take it naturally and without sugar.

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Tea against cavities

Green tea contains a large amount of antioxidants that help eliminate bacteria, prevent the formation of tartar and reduce the acidity of saliva, thus preventing tooth decay. In addition, it contributes to the care of the gums and is a great ally against bad breath, thanks to its antibacterial effect.

1.9 mg! It is the amount of fluoride that contains 100 g of salmon. This component inhibits and stops the onset and development of cavities, strengthens enamel, fights periodontitis and helps in the maturation of baby teeth.

Blue Fish

Blue fish also contributes to the good state of the denture, thanks to its high content of calcium, vitamin D and Omega 3. These nutrients strengthen teeth and gums and protect them against common infections such as gingivitis. Include it in your diet with dishes as rich as this sardines coca.


Zinc-rich foods, such as shellfish, eggs, red meat or lentils, help fight halitosis.

Celery, ally of your mouth

There are many dentists who recommend taking raw celery. Its consistent texture causes a swept effect on the bacterial plaque, cleaning the teeth and contributing to the gums not becoming inflamed. In addition, it is very effective when it comes to ending bad breath.

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